Wednesday, February 25, 2009

So When Did Pink Floyd Become An Oldie?

Driving home and listening to the hard driving tunes of Bob Segar and Pink Floyd bopping my head and car dancing...the DJ announces that was on FLASHBACK 93...say it isn't so!!! Oh yes my friends, a new "oldies" station has been born and it is not my parent's is MINE!!! Michelle, Heather and I were exercising to some of Michelle's tunes and she says, "next time, I'll bring my 80's mix" My girls were a product of the eighties, hair, clothes...that was their childhood...and I was a young mother! I promise it was NOT that long ago! I wake up on occasion and think darn, I am fifty years old...I need to revise my list of to dos because I have figured on having at least another 30 or 40 years of living to do and I want to live "Large" not my size, my lifestyle! Around my birthday I was thinking of hairstyles through the years...for your viewing pleasure hair dos and don'ts.
The ever popular "pixie" of the 60's. Thanks alot, Twiggy! The 70's (my "hey days") had me sporting the part in the middle straight style that all the guys and girls were wearing!
(think "Dazed and Confused") Towards the end of the seventies, as I was entering my first marriage I chose a more "grown up" hairstyle.
As a young Mom in the eighties I sported a short hairdo, the wash and wear variety. Most times, it was much shorter than this...with Michelle 1981

Rolling into the 90's, this decade of my life had me in a new marriage and having the time of my life.
Sometime during a new millenium...Heather lived in Chicago for a very brief time much to her Mother's dismay!
A shade too blonde for husband did not like the short look at all...he was always complimentary but he likes my hair long. Growing out the short "do", my hair was blowing in the wind, I did not get alot of photos, it was not the most flattering of styles. We do what we must!

I am entering my 50's with longer tresses and highlights, not as blonde, closer to my natural state...not quite ready to let nature takes it course and be grey! So which style do you think suits me best???
If you are looking for me I will be beboppin to the "oldies" station, singing and dancing with the top down (on the car, silly) workin on some "Night Moves" Soon to come...the long awaited, newly revised to do list or "The Bucket List"


scchesleys said...

I think you're beautimous in all of your pics. As a short hair lover, I just adore the pixie.

Stephanie said...

Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Bon Jovi (ew!), Whitesnake, etc. ARE NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT "classic".

There is no way.
No how.
No Sir.

I think the 80's mom-cut was standard issue. My mom had the same feathered sides and annoyingly tiny waist.

Anita said...

My favorite picture is that last one, but that might be because you have your daughter and granddaughter on your back :)

Rosezilla said...

Each style suits you at the time... but I think long looks best on you. Cute photo trip, thanks!

bFlat said...

I love your hair longer though you look gorgeous in every picture.

Anonymous said...

pink floyd gives me chest pains. i swear. ugh.

on to the are a BABE. seriously. and you should go back to reddish hair. that would be saucey and fun!!!!


Hayden Tompkins said...


Great music is great music, who cares from what decade!

P.S. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE that you are so happy in every picture? Love it.

Anonymous said...

ok so I commented and blogger sucks. I think you should have a ponytail with a GIANT bow. It matches a jean jumper and floral shirt I know so well!

Connie said...

Pardon me, that jean jumper retired LONG ago with the bows...there is nothing wrong with that shirt!!!

Connie said...

Blogger is irritating me....
My previous comment was a Great Big Thank you (blushing) for all the comments from wonderful friends! it "the teacher song" that gives you the chest pains?
@Stephanie...Bon Jovi had great hair.
@ Hayden, you are so right, great music is great music!!!
I was seriously considering a blue streak last month somewhere discreet....

persistentillusion said...

Oh my!

LuLu Belle said...

Love the "DO's." You were/are hip in every decade!

Jayne said...

Loved looking at these...and I concur with Hayden. What makes them all so cool is that you're smiling in every single one. I must admit that I'm partial to the pixie!