Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Thoughts and Tirades

Did you ever have one of those weeks whereby EVERYTHING gets on your last nerve?
I am feeling a bit more like sour grapes than Loose Lemons. The glass is definitely feeling half empty! The remedy for this malady is to get off one's rear and do something nice for someone, focus the attention away from the negative and make serious effort to turn the "scratchy" mood around. Before I return to being the "epitome of sweetness and light" following are a few minor irritations to unload.

Yes, I still find cell phone usage obnoxious when you are: a) in the bathroom b) trying to park a huge SUV or any vehicle c) when you are arguing with someone d) when you are standing in front of my desk...go away, go anywhere, just get that darn phone away from me...headlines...woman snatches cell phone away from fellow shopper and tosses it into fish tank.

Yield means check and see if I am inches from your bumper before pulling into my lane, if I am on the interstate I have already moved to the left lane. Speaking of the left lane...this is the PASSING lane not the drive slow and look around lane.

You may have nowhere to go...conversations between two vehicles full of people whilst blocking the road, parking lot etc. is not cool it is inconsiderate.

Visiting the office and staying FOREVER is annoying no matter who you are...(i.e.
father-in-law's cronies, former employees, etc. particularly when you are complaining about the economy, the new president blah, blah...being racist or crude only gets on my nerves more!

Employees coming off of a job and standing around my desk and talking to each other, yelling up and down halls etc. is annoying. Go home or go outside. And stay out of my bathroom.

The opening in the wall between my office and father in law's office...I despise it and want it closed!!! with glass, wood, sound proofing, anything.

Honey, if you change the channel in the middle of Top Chef I am going to be irritated...I would not do this to you.

Okay, I think I am better.

On to a more positive note...I am so impressed with these guys...the weather has been damp, wet and nasty...however, this guy and his buddy are outside everyday, dancing and really trying to drum up business!

The guys working on my yard are doing a great job, it looks fabulous...wonder if they do windows?

The sun is peaking out from under the clouds.

DH washing and waxing my car and keeping it filled with gasoline!

Sometimes it is okay to unravel a knitting project when it is not working out. Often it is the process of knitting and not the progress that is important.

I love receiving cards in the honest to goodness old timey way through the postal service! (Thanks Meg. Tracie and Cookie)

Blogging has been an interesting adventure which I plan to continue...I enjoy the interaction between our "i-friends and families, I enjoy writing and I enjoy is like pen pals for grown ups!

I was able to use my Books A Million gift card to feed my habit

Phone calls from this charming, witty and oh so sweet fellow! I love it when he says, "Nonnee, you are my Best Friend"

Silence is Golden because it is so rare! So many need a constant thrum of noise and activity...not me I can sit in silence and gaze out the window indefinitely!!!

"Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time, and always start with the person nearest you." - Mother Teresa


Anonymous said...

I love the way you flipped (?) in the middle of this and began enumerating so many positive things. I was thinking that with these two men in your life, one taking care of your car and one calling to tell you that you're his best friend, life is GOOD!

bFlat said...

Way to end on a positive note. The little tike is absolutely adorable and it doesn't get much better with him as your best friend.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention calling to see if he can come over and then becoming hysterical when Mommy wouldnt let him see his Nonnee because "i loves her!"

daffy said...

Hey that wasn't so bad. You evened it all up too!
I'm just a little behind on my letter-writing but if luck has anything to do with it you should get a card through the post from me to cheer you up on the next day you fell mildly irritated! (promise. Brownies Honour.)
oh and my son texts whilst at the dinner table. Is there room in the fish tank for another phone?

Rosezilla said...

Wow, I am so with you on your pet peeves. This was a nice healthy way to get it out of your system. go get a sheet or better yet buy a yard or two of flowy material and tack it up between the offices. You can make it look pretty and "decorator-y" and not admit it's a privacy screen. You are quite welcome for the card, I hope you had a lovely b'day. And keeping the car clean and filled makes up for anything at all to do with television. That little boy is precious. He's got great taste in best friends, too.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I liked both halves of your list. But I have to comment about the guy in the statue of liberty outfit. We have them here too, but they're out there in zero degree weather. Every time I drive by, I think that has to be the worst job in the world.

Anonymous said...

heyyyy! i saw that statue of liberty guy when visiting my mom last week. we went out to lunch and drove past him. (i honked and waved, naturally. he gave me the finger, i think.)

xoxo hope your weekend is better than the start of this post!!!