Thursday, May 26, 2011

Putting on the Super G Mom Cape

Ah...the glorious month of May...Mother's Day, dance recitals, school programs, hot and sunny days.
My sweet daughter and her husband took an early anniversary/birthday jaunt to Vegas early in the month.  The granddarlings stayed with us part of the time.  In the midst of the everyday stuff we took opportunities for crafting and playing.  We painted flower pots for Mother's Day.  I love, love, love to watch children create! 

I taught at a Montessori school for ten years.  The process was always more important than the finished product.  I try to remember that for myself as well.  My grandson decided to paint trees as well...his story and he is sticking to it..." I am painting this tree because it is my special tree then I can find it again" 

Skip forward a bit.  I took care of my daughter as she was recovering from surgery, then handed her off to her husband and collected the grandchildren.  When did getting children fed, dressed and off to school get so hard?  Oh yeah, I think it is because I am 30 years older.  I am part of the sandwich generation... the filling between generations...caring for aging parents and spending time with grandchildren. 

A bit of a respite was had between all the craziness of May.   Darling Husband and I escaped to the coast for a weekend.  He even pretended to enjoy the sculpture gardens.  This spot right is calling me back...I can hear my name crashing into the surf...Connie, come back...

Wishing you a beautiful Spring day!  I am planning a little porch renovation for the weekend...Do you have any special projects in the works?


Se'lah said...

i love montessori...wish all school systems were that holistic.

thinking of you. one love.

Anonymous said...

Your posts never fail to make me happy. Your family are SO lucky to have you, Connie. I know they think that too. :D

Your granddarlings are getting bigger w/ each post. TOO CUTE!! (even painting the trees, which I must say is a very creative thing to do - and you must remind him that adults do that as well to mark trails!) So glad her surgery went well. Love and health to all!!

PS: had to break into my own house today - locked myself out. wrestled w/ a 180 lb ladder, my wrist is KILLING ME. not sure projects are on the agenda this weekend if it doesn't get well soon. say a prayer for me, will ya?! XOXO