Monday, May 23, 2011

The Floozies take on Edgefield

We gather monthly to celebrate another turn around the sun.  Jeanne's birthday was celebrated at The Edgefield Grill.  A delightful afternoon of buzzed bees,er bees buzzing, lunch on the veranda and much laughter to the hum of thousands of cicadas emerging from the earth to mate.  Imagine the whump, whump, whump of the Mothership...the cicadas have that alien sound.  It is great sport to keep the cicadas out of your hair, mouth or food.

The town of Edgefield is the turkey capital of the state.  It is/was hometown to countless that a coincidence or what?  Handpainted concrete turkeys line the streets of this quaint town.  We attempted to shop however the town apparently closes at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.  No one told us!   Floozies are a persistant lot and we soon found ourselves being educated at Edgefield Pottery.

This gentleman told us the history of pottery in Edgefield. The shop houses quite an extensive collection of artifacts. 

I have found there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to laugh, talk, shop and eat!  We do that extremely well.   Friends enrich you and bring JOY to life!

Hazelnut Chocolate Ganache...Fried Green Tomato Salad with bacon crumbles and cucumber-wasabi dressing.
Ellen tried to keep us out of her delightful sorbet...too bad we are NOT germaphobes!

Happy Birthday Jeanne and act SURPRISED!  Jeanne expressed a lovely thought...each time she wore the Silpada bracelet...she would think of us. 


Yep, it is a two seater!

What mischief has come your way lately?  Laissez bon temps rouler!!! 


House of Squitty said...

How fun! A co-worker recently told me that I needed to take a little trip to Edgefield. After seeing this pictures I think I just might.

beth said...

is that a real outhouse :)