Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loose Lemon's New Addition or Best Laid Plans Part Deux

That's it folks...I heretofore give up on any plans I may make today or in the foreseeable future!
How many errands did I have to take care of after work on Wednesday? Where did I end up instead? This is the culprit...

This little "pest" was found near the warehouses in our shop yard. A shivering ball of wet fur. He spent a great part of the day under my desk and wrapped around my feet or Carl's feet. My husband looks at me, like, Honey, PLEASE...and I am emphatically shaking my head and saying NO, NO...NO...NO! After many sad looks from my son in law, he calls the animal shelters...well now you know the rest of the story. Before I could blink my eyes, the son in law is preparing a box with towels for me to take puppy home (also promising he will fix the gates at my house) and I am calling our vet. Puppy, who is still nameless, is ensconced in Villa Loose Lemons. Moe Kitty has been checking him out and he is not sure about the invader. Darling Husband and I had to reassure a needy Moe (what's up with that, cats are NOT needy)

Ball of fur is not yet named...suggestions welcomed (I am terrible at naming pets) I am thinking maybe Dugan or Duncan. I wanted to call him Satchmo, however I am afraid that would be shortened to Moe and confusion would reign. FYI, the vet thinks HE is about 6 weeks old, he still has a lot of blue in his eyes and that he is a lab maybe chow mix (his tail curls)

He slept in the laundry room under a blanket and a pile of "dirty" towels. He had a big day and was so tired last night. This morning he was frisky and ready to play!
How does this "stuff" keep happening to me? I am changing my name to push over!!!
So what do you think his name should be? The puppy not the husband!
P.S. The grand darlings were delighted that we have a puppy. Michelle, Kevin, the kids and Heather all came by the house to greet the newest member of the family.


stephanie of stopbouncing said...

(Stephanie's inner chick comes out)
HOLY CRAP mister puppy is ADORABLE!
once I stop gushing and talking in a high pitched voice, I'll start pondering a name.

Putz said...

so this is the fellow you claim to put before your kids,,,,kind of scrongy looking....are you sure you want to do that?????????? marla jayne. funny way to spell jane but there you go ...said to look you up, so i did, and my kids are all grown and not starving or in need of diaopers and yet i am still last on the totem pole...go figure

scchesleys said...

HE IS CUUUUTE!!!!! No name suggestions, although Darth Vader popped into my head.

Rosezilla said...

Oh, my gosh, how could you resist that face? And the puppy is cute, too...(ba bump:) I am the WORST at naming things. I would just name him Puppy. Or perhaps Chester. Actually at this age Puddles would probably be most appropriate. I know, you're sorry you asked. He's absolutely adorable, tho, no matter what you call him.

Hayden Tompkins said...

HE IS SO ADORABLE!!!!! I think my head will explode from cute and I already know that my heart is melted. Melted, I say!!

You should name him Conan the Destroyer...of my heart! (No, I kid.) Call him Awesome.


Michelle said...

How bout shortening Kristy's to vader?
I still like Deebo

bFlat said...

How adorable! I vote Duncan for a name.

Becky said...

how about MadMax of Thunderdome?
Duncan is very cute also? Or how about you wait and see what you yell out most often when he gets in trouble(except "No" of course)
Blue eyes you say-how about Paul for Paul Newman.
how about "Crazy" for the fact that you are since you caved in and took him home.

curlywurlygurly said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! that is the CUTEST puppy-whuppy i've ever seen! you've reduced me to insane baby-chatter with those pictures.

as for names: i humbly suggest the following...

a. farley
b. roger (he looks like a roger to me!)
c. midnight
d. bosco
e. rorschach (he looks like an inkspot!) you can call him rory for short.

mari said...

Hmmmm...Well...HE IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLEEEEEE!!! I will have to steal him from you sometime...(Altho Indiana Jones *might* get jealous...haha.) Hmmm...Name...Think think think...Umm...Wow...I'm blanking. That's a first..I'll let you know! ha ha.

DIVA said...

You could probably guess my reaction to somethingelsetotakecareof....


Connie said...

@Becky, yes I caved and I am crazy! and which Becky are you?
@Diva, I know, I know...I totally lost my mind!
All these name suggestions are so cute...I am liking rory.

Two people have already asked me if there were more left behind.

Connie said...

P.S. to the Diva...I think I was channeling Dorothy.

Anita said...

Cute, but I'm not envious. I like to get my dogs already housebroken and behavior trained. I'm actually a big fan of Chester for a name. Rory is hard for me to say - too many r's...

Just be sure whatever you name him that you can yell it easily when your frustrated that he peed on the carpet and not trip over your tongue :)

stephanie of stopbouncing said...

oh! Oh! I re-read, how about "Chance"?

thedailydish said...


Connie, he is simply ADORABLE! Bet he is right there at your feet/ on your lap as I type this. Okay - not sure if the polls are closed, but as soon as I saw him and read the story, all I could think was "You're not whistling Dixie." I have no idea why. But I think you should name him Dixie. It could be for a boy too! RIGHT??!


PS: If you hate Dick-sy, I vote for Bosco.

marlajayne said...

So is he officially Duncan now, or are you leaning towards Rory? You and Carl have such big hearts!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Oh, I love puppies. I'm officially in puppy lust.