Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley.--Robert Burns ("To a Mouse")[Popularly misquoted as: The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray, or The best laid plans of mice and men go oft astray.]
An extra day in a weekend, yippee!!! What does one do with a whole extra day...? The possibilities are endless! Woohoo...what did I do during a long weekend?

Homecaring (sounds better than housework) on Saturday...watched the rain...read...more homecaring. I was a substitute for a substitute for a Sunday school class of 9 year old boys (food always works and that is all I am sayin) Special family visits. Brandi and her soon to be husband Jamie were visiting from Colorado. She will soon be deployed to Iraq and we pray for her and all the men and women serving our country.
My darling husband tells me Sunday night..."this is what we are doing tomorrow"...well we all know how this would go over with me...my comment, "whatever" hmpf.

Morning dawns and husband is still insisting I go with him. It wasn't spending time with him that annoyed me...it was taking time away from what I thought I would like to do! Sometimes we do things to make the other person happy, however I was not pleasant...WHAT??? I was downright unpleasant, can you imagine, me, the epitome of sweetness and light being unpleasant?

The in laws are both terribly ill and Carl takes them breakfast every morning. Carl says he forgot his cell phone and I am still being the grouch master and asked him, so what is your point? (I know, I know...petulant doesn't even begin to describe my behavior) I am bitterly complaining about his choice of clothes, the things I am NOT getting done blah, blah and blah. He, with great patience, asks me to call his parents to let them know we are coming and what would they like for breakfast. As soon as I hear that sweet voice on the other end say "Hi Honey" I start to thaw a bit, a little more thawing occurs as the conversation continues...breakfast is delivered and much gratitude is expressed from both parents...some more thawing...Carl's big plan for the day was to introduce me to Mrs. D who was a second mother to him. I was dreading this visit so much...in my mind (please, please forgive me here) I was thinking, Oh great old people and sickness, darkness, waiting for death. (It has been a rough couple of years). Imagine my surprise and delight to be greeted like a long lost daughter in a house full of brightness, light and love. Mr. and Mrs. D were so interesting and so delightful. We talked about art, baseball, music, flowers and all the antics Carl was up to as a young boy! It was clear that Mrs. D considered Carl to be one of her children even if he was a Republican! We walked around the yard and admired the beautiful and fragrant flowers. Promises were made to return and enjoy lunch one day soon.

Our next stop was to deliver some books to my mother and give her a ride to a Memorial Day party. Carl and Mom are great pals and you cannot stay grouchy amidst their zany antics.

After dropping off Mom we were ready for lunch and a nap. Lunch was eaten and Dear Husband claimed the sofa...my intention was to get started on one of my projects... just let me rest on this bed for a minute...2 hours later...all motivation has fled and I decided to read a book. Dear Husband and I played with the cat, watched the rain, laughed and simply enjoyed each other's company.

It was not the day I planned instead it was A PERFECT DAY spending time with those you love.
All of those projects will still be there next weekend or the next.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful reminder, Connie! Sometimes the very best days come out of nowhere. Even against our "better judgment." Hah! xoxo

LuLu Belle said...

Love those 'kinda days, even when you think you don't want them - you do.

Anonymous said...

what a altruistic man! i'm glad you had a wonderful day doing things for others. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds better than mine. Why? Because you and Card did things for other people while I was selfish to the max. Well, okay, we did take lunch to Otis's parents and hung around for a short while, but I spent the rest of the day working and homecaring. I LOVE the way you described yourself as the epitome of sweetness and light.

Connie said...

@Jayne, I borrowed that phrase from Kristi C. and I started the day as anything but LOL

Rosezilla said...

Amen, sister! Those kinds of days are the best...