Monday, May 11, 2009

As the Days of Our Lives Turn Around the World

Natalie of CurlyWurlyGurly fame has thrown down a challenge for the rest of the mere mortals.
She has suggested a themed posting for our otherwise manic or marginal or magical Mondays. My title gives little hint as to the theme...give up...SOAP OPERAS!!! The Sassy Ladies of Blogdom are a clever, amusing and resourceful group with a dash of competitiveness thrown in for good measure. I am a good sport so I'll play along.

Yes, my name is Connie and I have watched soap operas. It began innocently enough with my SAHM (stay at home mom)...during my middle school and high school years I would come home, get a snack and watch General Hospital with Mom....during the Summer, I would watch Days of Our Lives too. Time to graduate, figure out what to do with your life etc. and soap operas are not thought of in a very long time. Fast forward to the 8th month of pregnancy with daughter #2 , yep while daughter #1 was napping I partook of the daily drama that is soap opera land.

Fast forward a bit more, between all nighters with a baby and chasing a toddler around I was feeling frazzled, frenzied and frumpy. Picture a light bulb above my head...I will dress up like they always do on my "soaps" As morning dawned, hot rollers were stuck in my head, make up applied and a lovely satinesque blouse with ruffles was donned. It was the eighties, after all so everything was a bit overdone. I put on large dangly earrings and affixed a giant rhinestone brooch to my blouse. Feeling good and ready to tackle the day. Daughter # 1 says I want pancakes for breakfast, yes dear. Mommy you look pretty...can we go play in the sandbox, want to go swing in the hammock, FINGER PAINT? Daughter # 2 (a mere babe) YAK!!! I don't think soap opera moms play outside or finger paint. Can you imagine the dry cleaning bills? Soap opera moms have someone else to change diapers and wipe up puke. Soap opera moms don't wear sweat pants not even to work out their glorious bodies. Soap opera moms have matchy matchy outfits to wear to the gym or tennis court. Soap opera moms aren't cleaning up after kittens, dogs and rabbits. Or picking green beans with their children in the 100 degree heat of the South. That time is so fleeting and days were filled with the more important function of teaching and entertaining my children.

In the days of "DVRing", Tivo etc. I could easily record soap an empty nester I have the time to watch them...what is lacking is desire...I'd rather be a participate in my somewhat frenzied, frazzled sometimes frumpy life than to watch the drama of a made up life. Real life is messy, disappointing...real life is REAL, beautiful, joyful and dramatic enough for this gal!

P.S. Besides after 20 years you can tune in and pick up the story line...Have fun...I am going to create something!!!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE it! you're so funny and your take on daytime drama is wonderful. you have far exceeded my expectations for this theme post. :)

Anonymous said...

Methinks you got an A!! CONGRATS! I did not partake in the theme post, but I DID do a tribute (in a way) to Curly Wurly, so perhaps she won't fail me.

PS: Do you ever even see kids on soap operas?!! It's not like they're throwing open the door when Mommy and her gentleman caller are "Talking" in the other room.

Connie said...

@CWG, thanks it was fun.
@Dishy, hahaha...
Thanks for the A :)

Anonymous said...

Haha...I love it!!! :) Soo true...and cute pic..

Pippa said...

Well said, Connie!!

I used to watch them every time I needed to escape from my life (and who doesn't, from time to time?) It took your post to make me realize I haven't done that in years.

I don't think it is because my life needs less escaping from ... but perhaps ~ graciously ~ I'm finally learning that participation & creation are such better ways of LIVING.

(: Pippa

Pippa's Porch

Anonymous said...

Great Mommy

Anonymous said...

This is too funny! Although I was never much of a soap opera viewer, I can so identify with the trying to be "perfect," and it took me a while (maybe two days) to realize that it just wasn't going to happen! Matchy matchy about just some clean ones?