Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I am Lovin Today!

I love shoes...all kinds...even the kinds I can't wear...who doesn't love, uplifting, elevated, pumped up...both pairs of shoes belong to my daughter and she looks fab in them. She can even walk with grace...she did not learn that from me! Guess which feet are hers? Her shoes were on loan for an activity at church called Zion's Mall...great fun was had by all. My dear readers, you will never guess who walked around in the Apple Bottom Rhinestoned Black Stilettoes!!! No, it was not me!
I love to take pictures, usually at least one each day...a day in the life of...capturing photos enables one to look more closely and appreciate the world around us. I absolutely have no idea what happened here but I like it anyway. I like the way the colors blend together to create an abstract looking scene. Maybe I'll try to paint this onto canvas.
Hmmmmm....trouble more ways than one!!! I love Autumn. I love October in particular. The colors are amazing...the air is crisp...the SC State Fair has arrived...Candy and Caramel Apples...Pumpkins, Halloween...LOVE IT ALL! Congrats to Tilara she won 2nd place for her Vanilla Pound Cake at the State Fair. There are a lot of cakes to compete against. Way to Go, Tilara!!!
Strange, yes...but I like strange...I have no idea how this happened! It is amusing how your brain makes leaps from one thing to the next thing...I was making my bed this morning, as I was smoothing the down blanket we have I started thinking about the feather beds I slept in as a child in Germany. We would visit my Oma and Tante and assorted relatives...all the children would be piled into the very large downstairs bedroom with several beds loaded down with flannel sheets and thick goose down feather beds...the window would be opened a crack YEAR ROUND...once you jumped in and warmed up, you wanted to that time outhouses were still being used. Dark, wooden outhouses with spiders! A bucket was placed in the corner of the room in case you absolutely could not ignore the call of nature! Who wants to go out in the freezing cold and use the DARK outhouse?! You were considered to be very lucky if you were too small or too young to get the job of emptying the bucket. I never had to empty the bucket! My aunt and cousins have indoor plumbing now...prior to that a bath would be heated in the cellar...almost as bad as the outhouse in terms of the creepiness factor. You were lucky if you were the only girl (me) and therefore got the first and warmest bath! I love my bathrooms...having more than one...immediately having hot water...

I love apples, all kinds...granny smith...honeycrisp (my new favs)
I love, love my family and the many people I call friends, both far and near...
Have a beautiful Autumn day my friends! Take a look around at all the beauty and be truly grateful...I know I am.


Emily said...

Your photos are beautiful!! They have a beautiful, dreamy feel to them.

I am not much of an apple fan except for honeycrisp apples! I wait excitedly all year for them to come into fact, I am enjoying one right now =D

persistentillusion said...


Michelle said...

This is a good post Mommy. My those red shoes are cute.

scchesleys said...

I still cannot believe my mom put those shoes on her feet!

Rosezilla said...

Oh, your pictures are so cool! Like photo versions of Monet. I recently discovered honeycrisp too, they are really good.Loved the story about your grandparents' house. When i was in 3rd grade we lived in a tiny town in Ind. and we had an outhouse, with no indoor plumbing, so I can relate. (Well, we had a kitchen sink with pipes from the well, but they froze in the winter). I was nervous about the spiders too! I can't say I'm much of a shoe fan, I'm a barefoot girl myself, but those were cute shoes, I must say.

thedailydish said...

NOW i KNOW where John gets it!!!

He is half German, and keep the windows cracked ALWAYS. Drives me nuts -- esp now when I am bed-ridden w/ plague and the cold air makes my throat ache even worse. I always shut the window and he lets me.. but you know he opens it up as soon as i'm not looking. argh!

ps: pllleeease send well wishes, i really am sick as a dog.. :( miss you!

Natasha said...

I love shoes too!!! I have a lot of never worn high heeled shoes, which I bought but somehow ended up wearing only the once!!! :( I’d like to invite you to join us at, a website and community for slightly older women who believe in living full lives by embracing transitions and changing with the times. We love making new friends, sharing new experiences and taking charge of our own lives. We’d love to have you join because you sure do sound like one of us!:)

marlajayne said...

Awesome much to ponder and respond to.
First, the shoes and RS that night. Isn't it great to belong to such an organization where we can all be welcomed and appreciated for our unique qualities?
Second, the pictures are very Monetlike and remind me of the painting we saw in the museum recently.
Third, you painted such a vivid sensory picture of the childhood memory that I could see you and your little cousins snuggled under the blankets, feel the air in the room with the window cracked a bit, and "sense" the bucket in the corner.
Fourth, thank goodness for bathrooms, running water, scented soap, suds, apples, leaves, trees, friends, freedom, words, and blogging.

Connie said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comments. I haven't gotten the hang of answering them all the time. I wish they would just show up at the bottom of the post and allow me to respond to each one there!!!

pippasporch said...

Thanks so much for your sweet, sweet comment over at my Porch, Connie! How I love the idea of being a lemon squeezer, making lemonade!

I reallyreallyreally like the idea of taking photos every single day ~ they do sharpen one's focus, don't they? And a sharpened focus creates deeper gratitude, of which your post is overflowing. Such joy!

Love & light!

daffy said...

If I had been a little sad when I arrived here, then reading this here would have put the sunshine into my day! Luckily I was happy already so it's just made me a little more smilier! (Not sure if smilier is a real word or a made up one!
I love the shoes but I'm afraid I am not built for those high heels! I need good solid footing! :o)
The picture with the blended colours looks like a hazy dream.
I love Autumn too! I love the colours and I think regardless of what we are able to do, write, draw, paint etc, Autumn just inspires... inspires good living I think. (even in these worrying times)