Thursday, August 28, 2008


Driving through town a few weekends ago, I took a detour through an unfamiliar neighborhood. Most of the yards were incredibly landscaped however this particular home and yard just about caused me to run off the road. The home was lovely, the yard breathtaking. Throughout the landscape were bronze sculptures of children at play. The entire property was surrounded by a tall wrought iron fence and I did not wish to intrude or trespass. The sculptures were so life like in their rendition of children at play. The above was one of my favorites a girl playing "leapfrog". Below several children walking on a log. There was a lovely scene of children playing "ring around the rosy" encircling a grouping of gorgeous shrubbery. There were many other delightful sculptures too numerous to mention and too difficult to photograph without intruding on someones privacy. I paused to wonder if these sculptures were renditions of the home owner's children or grandchildren...was this the home of the was truly a serendipitous moment for me! I love children and enjoyed having taught children in a Montessori learning environment, at church and of course my lovely children. Children are a delight to behold, their wonder and curiosity about the world they see is awe inspiring.

Most school aged children have headed back to school in cars and buses to spend a large part of their day away from their families and many are learning to embrace a new sort of family. Some are doing so for the first time much to the anxiety of their parents. I have read several blog posts of some friends that have sent their children to school recently and are experiencing the subsequent feelings of missing them and having extra time on their hands. I was a stay at home mom for about two years after which I simply went to school with my children...I was in one part of their Montessori school with my students and they were in another classroom with their teachers. We rode to school together, sometimes had lunch together and rode home together. It was the best of two worlds, being a mom and working. My separation anxiety came about when the oldest daughter was ready for middle school and I had to drop her off with all "those strangers." The first day I had to pull over and cry. My daughter was fine, I was the one not having such a great time! I am a grandparent now and before I blink my eyes a few times those sweet children will be entering school.

I was thinking of the inconvenience of the school buses and planning my ride accordingly to arrive at work on time. I happened to look out the front window and noticed my neighbor's son standing at the "bus stop" for the first time (he had always been a car rider) and as I looked to my right, Mom was next door keeping watch on her soon to be independent bus riding amused me a bit because they were clearly shouting back and forth to each other however he did not want her standing next to him when the bus arrived. As I drove to work, I noticed a group of Hispanic Mothers and small children waiting for the bus to arrive to take them to school and wondered if they were speaking English yet and if not, how scary it would be to go to school and not know the language. A bit farther down the road a Father is sitting on a brick wall holding his child in a warm embrace, also waiting. Tears washed down my face and I longed for a moment to be back in the classroom attempting to make a difference in some one's life. Even though I knew that my time in the classroom was well spent it was time to move on and begin a new chapter. Wishing all the parents, students, teachers, administrators, support staff at the schools a very wonderful, productive and joyful school year!

PS!!!!!!! A GINORMOUS HEARTFELT THANK YOU to Christy (The Daily Dish) for sending a totally unexpected lovely necklace and card. Imagine my delight when the postman brought the package with our business mail! I love the necklace Dishy and your MOST KIND words!!! Also the same day I received a beautiful and encouraging card from a fellow member of the retreat I attended in June....the verse on the card reads...If I keep a green bough in my heart, the singing bird will come. I LOVE IT!!!! I also received a card at home from a friend and just really appreciated the sweetness of it! The stars aligned at a time when I needed it and all these lovely, beautiful people responded to that prompting. I will have to respond in kind and pay it forward! Again, thank you, you wonderful, wonderful friends!


Hayden Tompkins said...

Christy is an absolute angel and that necklace is GORGEOUS.

daffy said...

How Lovely Connie. I love the necklace.. Christy is a gem! said...

I have delivered flowers there. it is amazing how he brought the bronz to life.

thank you for the images.

Emily said...

I was thinking of the June retreat this morning which made me think of you! Brought a smile to my very tired face =D I hope life and you are treating you sweetly!

Peace and love and light you, Connie!

thedailydish said...

YAY! So glad you liked the surprise!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

Jayne said...

Connie, seeing these beautiful bronze works of art after hearing your descriptions is awesome. How can someone be so talented and gifted to create such things? They're truly breathtaking.

Another're still making a huge difference in people's lives whether you're in a classroom or not.

And the gifts. Isn't it wonderful how God provides these little unexpected uplifts for us?