Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One Hundred!

I think it is amazing that this is officially the 100th post on the Loose Lemons blog! As many already know I started writing on this blog in an effort to spur some creativity and find my voice. My dear friend, Jayne constantly encouraged me in this effort and for that I am grateful. I remember quite clearly telling Jayne on a regular basis that I had nothing to say of interest to anyone other than maybe my closest friends and family. My world has grown exponentially as a result of blogging. I have met many fellow bloggers and feel a wonderful kinship with them. Someone will say something like I enjoyed your post on such and such. And I am totally incredulous! My daughter says, "Mom, you would be surprised who reads your blog." I am totally not sure if my writing has improved. I know I make grievous grammatical errors and probably dangle a participle or two. We won't even go into my flagrant misuse of punctuation...I love the three dot thing... Probably annoys the heck out of everyone! One of my main goals is to remain as positive as I possibly can amidst the hectic, difficult situations that roll into our lives. Some days I am cheerful, sunny and positive, other days I fake it until I make it! Trust me when living through perimenopause you are never quite certain which personality will rear its ugly head on any given day. I was tagged recently to tell seven things about myself that others may not know and this has been really difficult for me as I tell everyone way too much in the first place! There are rules to the "game" which I fully intend on abusing...so consider yourself tagged! I'll share some things and you can share some things!
  1. I am an anglophile.

  2. I desperately want to go on an Alaskan cruise.

  3. I have experienced a supernatural occurrence. I honestly believe I was visited by something evil and had to pray it away! And pray I did!!!

  4. I sometimes read 3 different books at the same time. I read one for awhile and switch to a different one and so on.

  5. I want to be an adventurer but stuff scares me. Or grosses me out.

  6. I have OCD tendencies and must squash my need to be a control freak!

  7. Occasionally, since childhood, I crave sliced, salted raw potatoes.

Whew! That's done. A little update on the fifty things to do before I turn 50: I attended the release of Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer with my friends and hundreds of screaming teenagers, I have read 8 books, I will be going to the coast with some friends to obtain the henna tattoo on August 30th. Much to my ultimate dismay I have not lost one single solitary stinking pound yet. I am making slow progress on knitted caps - it is really hard to knit when it is 100 plus degrees - it is totally a mind thing. A promise is a promise and the 50 caps will be completed by January 24th. I am still accepting brilliant ideas to be compiled on my list of things to do.

Totally random and unrelated, the following cartoon had me laughing out loud. Oh the joys of parenthood!!!

I remember when my daughters snuck off and got belly button piercings. Good Grief!


scchesleys said...

Happy 100 postings!!! I love sliced, salted potatos (sp?). You're working through your goals, great job!

Anonymous said...

"spur some creativity...I remember quite clearly telling Jayne on a regular basis that I had nothing to say of interest to anyone"

REALLY? You think you need MORE creativity?! What will the next scarf look like??

Seriously, it isn't so much about being 'interesting' or not - it's about getting the essence of YOU out. (And that is ALWAYS interesting.)


Anonymous said...

I for one thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. And I don't notice any grammatical errors - the content is much more interesting than punctuation! (I'm also a big fan of the ... thing).

Congrats of the 50 before 50 progress!

I want to thank you, Connie, for encouraging me to start my blog! I am enjoying it (I'm even working on building a website that offers various kinds of grief support onto which I will eventually move my blog - none of which would be happening if not for the encouragement of those such as you!!) You rock, Connie!

Anonymous said...

Connie, I love your blog and I loved this post! I will have to put the 7 things about me post together now. No scarf yet... I am trying verrrry hard to be patient. As long as the mail monster doesn't eat it, I can WAIT. Keep up all the great work!

Jayne said...

Sure am glad you listened to the advice of your friend and daughter!

Anonymous said...

whoo hoo, my punctuation, grammar, etc is way worse than yours. I know better, I just dont feel like it!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on 100 posts! So, I've only got 99 to catch up on then.
Oh and I remember discovering my boys secret nipple piercing. It was such a huge thing at the time, now as time passes and I realise he is still the same lovely lad he always was, I wonder what all the fuss was about.
Kids sure make this journey of discovery interesting don't they!

Connie said...

Sigh...I feel a wee bit emotional from all the lovely comments! What a nice bonus! Thank YOU each so much!

Dishy, Your scarf is on the way I PROMISE...how many days does it take to get from SC to PHILLY???
Soon my dear soon.

Rosezilla said...

I love raw potatoes, always makes me think of helping my mom fix dinner. And I think you should quit worrying about the pounds. You've earned them, why shouldn't you wear them proudly? Yes, I have lost my mind, and I'm indulging in some wishful thinking that if we all just decide it's ok, it will be. Keep on bloggin'!

Anonymous said...

Connie me love, I am going to check the box today or tomorrow -- I bet it'll be HERE!!!! YAAAAYYYYY!!!

Anonymous said...

no one is a bigger ... user than me! (i think they're called elipises!) congrats on the 100th post. i'll tell you again how much i love your blog theme (the DOTS!) and content. keep up the good work.