Thursday, January 1, 2015

Word of the Year 2015

Many, many years ago, Christine Kane inspired me to choose a word of the year rather than make resolutions.  A guiding word to direct your choices for the coming year.  This is my seventh or eighth year of choosing a word.  Sometimes the word chooses you.  Words must be selected carefully, in other words, be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

Last year I chose a word that someone, well-meaning, asked if I was sure and told me what that word meant to them.  I second guessed myself and chose a motto for the year instead.  The motto worked okay, however I kept coming back to the word and all of the doubts my well meaning friend instilled.
2014 was a year of doubts and second guessing everything.  It passed in such a blur...I was and have been in a survival type mode...not fully living and enjoying all of my blessings and gifts.  Living life by putting one foot in front of the other one day to the next and hoping for the best is not living.  It is a practice of being ungrateful for all the joy and beauty one can experience.

I have been thinking of a word for days and one finally came to me...again with the doubts.  When feeling doubtful about my word, I grab a jar of words and scatter them, close my eyes and pick.  Intuitively, I chose the word that originally came to me.

My word this year is Savor!  There are multiple definitions.  Here are a few that resonate with me:

to enjoy something for a long time

to delight in

to have experience of

This is the perfect word as it invites me to slow down and savor life.  Savor my experiences.  Slow down and smell the roses.  Stop allowing whatever happens to happen.  While putting one foot in front of the other, taking the opportunity to really look around and see.  My camera and I...we plan to be a better team in 2015.  We plan to operate better together.  Photography has always helped me to "see" more clearly.  I would like to create in a different way than what is most comfortable.

So my friends, I am wishing you a very Happy New Year.   Join me in stepping out of our comfort zones.  While we are rushing about doing all that we must, let us be sure to PLAY and to SAVOR!


Lisa Tjaarda said...

My friend! I am so happy to see your blog, Loose Lemons, and to join you again this year in exploring and celebrating a word that resonates with you and holds promise for growth in the coming year! I HOPE 2015 is all you can possible dream up! Looking forward to your photographic blossoms and time with you! PS If it was me that caused you second guessing and doubt in your 2014 selection, I wish I could take it back!

Leigh Stevenson said...

Hi Connie!

I miss your face! I love your word for the year. A stellar one. I so understand being in survival mode. I suspect it happens to everyone at some time or another. To SAVOR is a saving grace.
Love you!