Monday, April 23, 2012

Always in Celebration!

I can think of so many captions for this photo.  For example...the much used what happens ________stays __________.  In our case, what happens at the restaurant stays at the restaurant.   I love the moment this photo captures.  Friends for a long time sharing a secret or two.  We gathered to celebrate this lovely girl's birthday!  Along the way of wining and dining we were evacuated from the restaurant due to some type of kitchen mishap/fire.  Since we are all capable of making the best of the moment...we continued on in true celebratory fashion including a cute couple, waitstaff and a few hunky firemen. 

Life happens.  My husband and I have dodged several bullets where our health is concerned...we are ever vigilant and more determined to eat properly, move more and stress less.  Some of our friends are undergoing extreme health issues and all we can do is support them with good healing thoughts.  Others are experiencing financial difficulties.  Us...the husband and I...we have alternated taking three cars to the shop...thank goodness not all at the same time and some are company cars!  Our tenants completely trashed the house Carl lived in before we will require costly repairs...this too shall pass.  Two friends have had sons rushed to the emergency room on the same day (totally unrelated incidents) one is recovering and the other...still waiting on word of his condition.  We pray for good things.  I think of my friend, eighteen months a widow and still feeling incomplete and as she says "I feel crippled without him"  Another friend seeking a new path since the love of her life has passed.  We lose family, friends, loved ones, our health and yet life continues.  Amidst the sadness and trials there are babies born (lots) save the date cards accumulating and signifying that two people will begin to share their lives together for better or worse...anniversaries and birthdays to celebrate...milestones of every sort.  This life is a testing ground, it is rife with trials and is also full of joy, passion and good will.  We each bear different burdens and we each can and should lift each other.  Paraphrasing something I once read or heard..."never look down on a person unless you are helping him/her up.

  I will adjust to the many changes and challenges around...put my shoulder to the wheel and push on with a happy song in my heart.  It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood...celebrate the moment...hug lots...revel in gratitude for the many blessings we all experience !  Peace and Love  Y'all!!!


Mamma has spoken said...

Oh it's those things that keep you on your toes and remind you that you are still alive and feeling.
Happy birthday to your friend a few days late.

Relyn said...

I've been thinking of you and just wanted to say hello. I am glad that you dodged those bullets. Very glad.

Christy Peake said...

I love when you share your friends on your blog! You all always look like you are having such a great time together. Makes me smile!

Putz said...

i had to update you here, connie, on myself<><><>i was thinking what happened to me no big deal, and not to mention it, but i have toooo, and if uyou would encourage marla jayne to come on over to read i would appreciate it<><><>dodgubg bullets, i thought i had 10 years ago taken care of my heart problem with two stints in my heart because before that i was clear sailing on my heart, so i ate good etc etc< BUT i forgot about genes , yes i have bad genes, just that<><>not overweight, not inactive <><>just my mom who died at 59 and sister who died at 63><><<>so this is my story<><><>go into the emergency room with indigestion, no probs with ekg, just to be on the safe side took my numbers, not too bad but let us have a second look, you are seventy<><>oh my god i say, seventy????they look and come back and nonchenlontly say , no more stents, well ok i only had two 10 years ago, so what now??? well you have what they call the "widow maker" don't like the sound of that<><>he said" your heart has been like a piano gathering dust except you have gathered colestrial not from your diet, but because of your genes, and you will die in 4 months ifin you do not have five, i repeat five bypasess in open heart surgery, only one we will leave alone,.dodging bullets, WOW, and i went in for a little indigestion, i am only 167 pounds at 5 foot 10 inches, why me??? and he says GENES