Friday, July 16, 2010


“The simplest things are often the truest.”

Richard Bach quotes (American Writer, author of 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull', b.1936)

Se'Lah of Necessary Room is hosting a Simple Things Birthday Party for the lovely Christina!

Throw the doors open, light the candles, sip a cooling beverage, have some we honor and celebrate the most beautiful Christina of Soul Aperture.  She the amazing, wise, gifted writer, photographer and all around beautiful spirit makes the simple celestial.  Simple things for you Christina...your spirit has reached out and touched my spirit...One Love!  I wish for you...

all the beauty of the earth and sky
cherry juice running fingertips to elbows from the plumpest, juiciest cherries
treasures from the shore and wood
a heartfelt laugh that radiates throughout the entire body
a hand in yours
a delicious cup of tea or two in mismatched cups and saucers
a postcard or letter in the mailbox
rain on your skin
sun on your face and hair
a soft place to land
books of every sort
baking smells in the kitchen
flowers, oh yes lots of flowers on your counters
peace and love
hugs and joy
friends who "get" you
everything that is good, lovely and praiseworthy!

Happy Birthday!  May all your dreams and wishes come true!


Cinner said...

This is truly beautiful. have a great weekend.

elizabeth said...

This is such a beautiful list of wishes. Any one on their own would be lovely; I am imagining them all together.

SE'LAH... said...

all the beauty of earth and sky...
peace and love...

always, my dear friend.
one love.

Christina said...

what a wonderful list!
mixed matched cups and saucers. sheer love!

Connie said...

So beautiful! xx

kath said...

This party has been the best!