Wednesday, July 28, 2010

May All Beings be Free from Suffering

Bumper Sticker seen yesterday:  May all beings be free from Suffering.

Everyone suffers at one point or another in their lives...for some their day to day existence is threatened.  I am happy to know folks that go above and beyond to advocate for the hungry, homeless, abused, poverty stricken masses. 

I would like to introduce you to my friend Kelly...teacher of special needs students, professional photographer, muralist, pottery freak, all around doer of Good plus she is a great mother and a good friend!

Kelly has recently returned from another mission trip to Costa Rica.  During that time, her group  made repairs and painted murals at an orphanage.  They brought shoes and gifts to the children.  Kelly's sons asked how many "orphans" she would bring back to live with them.  She has captured many striking photographs that are displayed in galleries and used to get the message out to each of us to help children the world over.

She has given me permission to use some of her photographs on this blog.  Others can be seen at Kelly Crayne Photography (website and on facebook)

Most homes consisted of dirt floors, old boards and tin for roofs.  Food was and is scarce.  Let us not forget the suffering masses around the world.  A small effort from each person is like the ripple effect in a pond.

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Mother Teresa

Let us keep the tide of humanitarian aid and effort going.  Each person can do something.  One thing.  Join me!


Putz said...

so i assume you are not, I REPEAT NOT, A TEA PARTIER??????

Connie said...

@putz ??? I just follow the teachings of Christ to serve our fellowman. If I see a need I fill it as best I can.

SE'LAH... said...

Absolutely! If everyone helped just one person, i.m.a.g.i.n.e.