Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

Arms stretched out to embrace the wind and sun, little fairy flower dancing. Such quiet, gentle beauty. Wishing you and yours blessings, abundance and if you celebrate a most glorious Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


More folks are turning their attention to expressing their gratitude at this time of year and I think that is a great idea. Some time ago I made it my practice to truly be amazed by my blessings each and every day. When I am feeling grouchy or blue it requires extra effort. Each day that I arise I am thankful for a new day full of possibility!!!

I am a list maker by nature...I probably have lists of without further ado...a list of 25 things I am grateful for at this moment!

  1. my knowledge that I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father who knows me and loves me. That I know I have a Father in Heaven and that some day I will be reunited with all my loved ones! I could not get through a single day if I thought that this life is it...there is no just ends.
  2. my family...they mean the world and beyond to me...I love each one dearly.
  3. friends...they make my world go round!!!
  4. granddarlings...I know I mentioned family however these cuties deserve a special mention of their own...oh how I love each one and how special and dear they are to me!
  5. my sweet, sweet husband...he is not necessarily in 5th place and he IS family...again he deserves a mention for all the things he does for me and our family.
  6. seasons...I love that we have a variety of weather and each is beautiful...right now I am enjoying the beauty of changing leaves even as they are falling to the ground.
  7. pets...I love my pets they bring loyalty, dedication and love to the household... even though Moe kitty woke me from a peaceful slumber by attacking my dangling foot...thanks kitty I have two gouges on my foot!
  8. home is where the heart is and I love my home.
  9. plenty of good things to eat and drink in abundance.
  10. books...I love to read
  11. creativity including being able to practice taking pictures...I love my camera and hope to achieve a decent level of proficiency some day
  12. employment and good prospects for our company's future!
  13. flowers...daisies and sunflowers are my favorites followed by just about any other kind.
  14. art/museums/galleries...I love to soak up works by old masters and new artists...I love creating my own art
  15. music soothes my soul (most of it anyway) I love that there are so many varieties and I can enjoy whatever I am in the mood to listen to at the time.
  16. my racy little sportscar...I love riding with the top down on a beautiful sunny day. It is not a practical car but it sure is fun! (thank you honey)
  17. mountains and woods and streams...hiking and strolling through all the splendor.
  18. beaches that are within a few hours of my the waves where the ocean "touches" sky.
  19. technology...I am grateful that I can be in touch with the blink of an eye
  20. snail mail...I am truly thankful when I receive a letter or card in the mail...that extra time and thought that someone takes to let you know they are thinking of you!
  21. Danksos and feet love them truly!
  22. funky socks
  23. cardigans and scarves
  24. All the teachers I have had in my life and those yet to come...learning is a lifetime process
  25. my senses...taste, touch, hearing, sight, smell, and intuition

It is amazing how quickly one can come up with a gratitude list...the list could go on and on...these are but a precious few! Thank someone today! Give thanks today and everyday! It sure makes me a happier person.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Stringing Our Way to Disney

Looking for something handmade and filled with love to give as a Christmas gift? My friend, Kelly teaches Special Needs children at Neptune Elementary School in Jacksonville, Florida. She got this brilliant idea (with no help from moi) to create a project that would teach her children sorting, counting and many other skills...the reward for this project is a trip to Disney World in Orlando (which I plan to attend) Here is the awesome link to the project... B.E.A.D.S
"Because Everyone Always Deserves Success" Privacy concerns do not allow me to post pictures of the students or videos of them working on the necklaces, keychains, bracelets and other items.

I have known Kelly since...well a long time...we have worked together on many, many projects.
She originally taught special needs classes in Camden and I assisted her with job coaching...we placed the students with volunteer employers in grocery stores, retail shops, and hospitals to teach them job skills. When the students were not "working" skills were taught with various other projects. One of our biggest and most crazy endeavors at the high school was to create a monthly "restaurant". The students chose a theme, i.e. Chinese, Mexican...EVERY aspect of learning was covered during the month and culminated in a restaurant meal which teachers, staff and administration could purchase...they could eat in or take out. Each student had a job from hostess, to cook, to waiter, to kitchen help. The funds that accumulated after expenses would result in a fabulous end of the year trip. We went camping at Myrtle Beach with dinner and a show at the medieval theater...a trip to and buggy rides with a meal in a very nice bed and breakfast (the students dressed up and had lessons in ordering from a menu and etiquette) Kelly is an artist and I try to be one...which resulted in numerous art projects (and disasters) One year we made sour dough bread and rolls ALL YEAR LONG...our promised trip was not to be due to budget cuts and we had the horse and buggy rides and lunch. (this did not go over well with us because the students earned the money and it SHOULD HAVE been earmarked for this and only this...not general school funds, that's a story for another day) My dear friend had a tendency to get really innovative and make more plans than two people could possibly accomplish in a short time with special needs students...she always relied on me to slow things down a bit and determine what we could realistically accomplish!

Take a look at the site...this friend is amazingly talented and a great about help her take her students to Disney...a trip of a lifetime for many of them!!! She and I...oh what fun we had together...I really look forward to going on this trip myself if at all possible!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Memorium

December 18, 1925 - November 10, 2009 May your journey to the next life be filled with peace and joy. You are so loved and will be missed by so many family members and friends.

This soft spoken somewhat taciturn wonderful man was my father in law for 13 years...he stepped in to be my "dad" when his son and I were married. My own father died 27 years ago. Our relationship was born of humor and a gentle teasing between the two of us. My favorite story he tells of "us" is one that got better and more exaggerated each time he told the story. It began with our house remodel and the invitation to stay in my in-laws home since we had no was a time I cherish because I spent a summer with them and built a great relationship with both and was able to learn so much about "their history". I shared the middle upstairs bathroom with Mr. Fogle...he stored the toilet paper in the closet near the entry door which to my thinking was highly inconvenient...I moved it all to the cabinet beside the toilet. That evening in walks "FoFo" with a giant case of toilet paper. He mentioned that he didn't realize we were completely out of paper...there was not a single roll to be had...I confessed that I had indeed moved the toilet paper in the cabinet beside the toilet...that incident happened probably seven years ago but to hear him tell was like yesterday and that I not only moved it once but twice...he cautioned everyone that I would re-arrange things if not watched.
I came to work at Fogle Electric almost three years ago. My father in law taught me many things about the electrical business and took great delight when I would ask questions about his work. Work is the one thing that made him happiest. He worked every day through his illness and only quit a few months ago when he was to weak too come to work. Even during those last months...he would look at me and say...I'm going to get better and I'll come give you a hand...or I need to come by and keep an eye on you. We had a jovial, joking, laughing type was not filled with hugs, kisses, I love yous or lots of was special and I will miss him.
Hey Fo about not hassle the cute angels...til we meet again

Monday, November 9, 2009

An Exercise in Patience

Did I mention that one of my biggest pet peeves is the CONSTANT use of cell phones??? Particularly while one should be FULLY engaged when driving a vehicle...thank you so much for driving into my turning lane and then stopping in front of me while talking on your phone.
Is it just me or is this highly annoying? I really do not want to hear you argue with your child/spouse etc. while I a public bathroom, shopping or eating in a it really that important? Parking a big honking SUV while talking on a phone is probably not such a great idea either.

Last week proved to be an exercise of continued patience which I am lacking in spades which by the way culminated with a flat tire on the way home...thank goodness for a Friday mental health day...

Saturday was hectic with a hair appointment and super hero birthday party. A "quick trip to the grocery store tested the patience of a saint. The first line I attempted to "get in" had customer paying for all her items, one item at a time separately with coupons and some other foolishness...lane two...customer is in express lane with a fully loaded cart, pays, forgets something so goes to the FRONT of the register to pay for the forgotten item...this only happens when one is in a hurry (I allowed EXTRA time for a stop to the store) I kept telling myself, "there is something to be learned here" Patience, my friends is in fact a great virtue!

I think patience becomes a problem when you are overextended physically and emotionally...if you have a health issue such as a hurty back...little annoyances become exacerbated! Whilst shopping for party favors at the dollar store...I noticed this odd looking gizmo (see photos below) and a few people behind me were discussing "the gizmo's" merits as heard on an infomercial...I requested they pass one to me. Did I mention I LOVE this back rest thingy!!! It helps you to sit correctly in your chair AND gives great support for the back. It has elastic on the back and this is very important...the elastic thingies keep the back support attached to your chair so it does not fall over when you stand up thus causing SOMEBODY to fall when attempting to return to said chair! I might also add that if your vehicle does not have the lumbar feature this works extremely well for support while driving (again, you should probably be sure the elastic thingies are properly in place, just sayin)

All this comfort can be had for merely $1.00 that is $29.00 less than the infomercial price!

Monday arrived with a whole truckload of new issues. Did I mention my printer ran out of ink in the middle of a project and the extra ink was not to be found anywhere in this office??? Desperate times call for desperate measures...2 cartons of diet coke, yogurt, pretzels, assorted fruit (lots) and some chicken, a case of water...while on the "ink" errand I popped into the grocery store for ONE (1) carton of diet coke!!! I am thankful to be employed, to have a car to drive, stores nearby with plenty of goodness...not everyone is thus blessed. I am ever mindful of all the many blessings and gifts I enjoy even in the midst of being a grouch.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday


Some days, weeks or months are better than others...I am feeling a little inclined towards burrowing under the covers and "hiding out" sigh...the thought comes to my mind...And It Came To Pass. It is True, in a twinkling of an eye...those desperate moments pass and the sun comes out shining brighter than ever!!!
A few tunes I've been humming lately reminiscent of "ole blue eyes" Frank Sinatra...a few lines from the song...High Hopes
Next time you're found, with your chin on the ground
There a lot to be learned, so look around
Just what makes that little old ant
Think he'll move that rubber tree plant
Anyone knows an ant, can't
Move a rubber tree plant
But he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes
He's got high apple pie, in the sky hopes
So any time you're gettin' low'stead of lettin' go
Just remember that ant
Oops there goes another rubber tree plant...
And..."Would like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar, be better off than you are or would you rather be...a mule...a pig..." I'll take the star and the moonbeams thank you!
Blessings abound and today I am thankful
  • for a most glorious bright sunshiney day with a delicious crisp breeze
  • a Friday ALL TO MYSELF...some homecaring, birthday party set up, a little self care
  • hair appointment on Saturday morning which means the lovely Laurel will make me she'll wash my hair...that is joy!
  • Super Hero birthday party for Hunter who turned 5 on Tuesday...I am thinking I will be Super Nonnee
  • my husband telling me that I am the BEST part of his life (I love you too, honey)
  • for a list of blessings that could go on and on

I do have a grateful heart...I do have days when I do not remember this as well...I am always able to shift my thinking...eventually. Wishing you moonbeams in a jar and a weekend of swinging on stars!!!