Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lessons from the Diva

Happy Birthday to the Diva...September 7...no current pictures from recent celebration as the floozies are being slackers and have not sent them to me! Love Ya'll anyway! We celebrated the Diva's birthday at Travinia's in true floozie fashion. A fun time was had by all. I have known Paula, aka as "The Diva" aka as my evil twin (some days I am the evil twin) The evil twin misnomer came by way of the Diva's students thinking we were sisters...we are sisters in spirit! I have known Paula approximately fifteen years...our daughters are the same age and quite frequently could be seen together. We have experienced grief, tragedy, divorces, joy, laughter, a series of adventures, workouts and everything in between! Paula came by the nickname Diva for a number of reasons, the main one being a mutual friend had a sign made for Paula referring to the Diva and the rest as they say is history or herstory! Paula has always been a swan, it took her a few years to totally embrace her beautiful persona. This is the woman my husband would leave me for if she were to have him, just kidding. Carl loves being around Paula but so do alot of other men, sorry Tom! In honor of this zany, crazy beautiful friend I have compiled a list of lessons learned from the Diva:
  • You don't have to have a beautiful solo voice to sing in a choir, it's fun and it takes many voices to create a beautiful sound.
  • Birthdays are too special to celebrate for just one day.
  • Feathers and sparkles are a good thing.
  • You can never have enough feathers, sparkles, black pants and tops.
  • A little jewelry is great, more jewelry is better
  • More is more!
  • The joy of jacuzzi ownership
  • Shopping is a good thing... it stimulates the economy
  • Sometimes you have to let go of "friends" that drag you down or require more than you are willing or able to give or "cost" your well being in some way
  • To enjoy excellent meals with good friends
  • How to be a great hostess
  • You can never have too many flamingos (that is a story for another day, while Kendall is responsible for the Diva thing alas I am responsible for the beginning of the Flamingo epidemic
  • It's okay to be forked (not what you think, again a story for another post)
  • Be Yourself and true to yourself, if someone doesn't like it...they are missing out
  • Everyone is a potential friend
  • The higher the hair the better

I could mention a few more things however the Diva is already very comfortable being fabulous...we wouldn't want her to get a "big head" The best lesson of all LIVE BIG OR GO HOME!!! So, again wishing the Diva a wonderful Birthday Month and then some. Much love from all your floozie friends!


Anonymous said...

I love it! Happy belated Mama Paula!

persistentillusion said...

"Birthdays are too special to celebrate for just one day."

More like a MONTH!

DIVA said...

I am so honored to be featured in 'dablog'...I will try to live up to all the nice things you said..Having just returned from celebrating all good things in life at OD for 10 days, I pass the gauntlet to you to be 'Evil Twin'. I will be in recovery from life on the partee circuit but do plan to wear BIG HAIR!!!!


ps...persistentillusion must be a distant relative or kindred spirit....

Anonymous said...

I'm with Paula and Hayden. Birthdays are way too important to celebrate for just one day. I usually manage to stretch mine out for a week or two at least.

Anonymous said...

lol...both of you look like such cute southern belles...

i love the tenent about not having to have a good voice to sing loud. :) happy b-day to the diva.

Connie said...

BTW Paula aka Diva has a beautiful solo voice...she encourage me to sing!

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday to the Diva!! And long live her philosophy. From all you've mentioned, count me among the floozies. You sound FABULOUS!!

Connie said...

Diva, my blog buddies would definitely fit in with the floozies!

Dishy, consider yourself an honorary member! You WOULD fit right in!