Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I think it's coming...Spring is coming!

Spring is in the air!  We saw our first daffodils down south on Saturday!  After a harrowing attempt to feed two cranky children, daughter # 2 and I took the lovelies to Swan Lake.  We walked on the boardwalks through the swamps, admired the cypress "knees" and all the abundant flora and fauna.  

The grandchildren were particularly fond of this old man and he was quite willing to hang out and beg for a morsel or two of something tasty. 

Swan Lake is one of our favorite parks and is home to eight species of swans. Other inhabitants of the park include the Canada Goose, myriad varieties of ducks, herons, turtles and fish.  The park hosts an annual Iris festival.  Camelias, Japanese tulip trees and a few other trees were blossoming.  I love the eerie feel and shadows that the Cypress trees and Spanish Moss cast upon the black waters. 

We are enjoying some lovely weather despite some terrific winds and a howling rainstorm or two.  The grandchildren and I have some plans to build a fairy house or two on do come back and take a look.  Happy March Everyone!

(daughter#2 took the photos with a Canon powershot)


marlajayne said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love Swan Lake. A friend of mine's daughter got married there a year ago, and it was one of the loveliest weddings I've ever attended.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, it definitely looks like Spring is very, very close. The photos and beautiful and this park sounds amazing. Thanks for the tour!

Pearl Maple said...

delightful photos of spring arriving at your place

have a great weekend

beth said...

oh spring.....and that turtle is a true sign.