Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Grateful and Happy Heart

As we are flowing through the season of much giving, kindness and charity may we remember to always have that spirit throughout the year.  I am grateful and blessed in so many ways.  Trials and tribulations come and go...good friends and family are forever! 

I have been a busy albeit injured Santa's helper!  Apparently, yellow jackets have nests in the ground (who knew) and do not like it when you pull weeds and trim bushes around their nests...I'm just sayin...someone could win some money from the scene in my flower beds...flailing arms, tripping over light post, landing on rear end on sidewalk...numerous stings later...I am on antibiotics, steroids and anti don't scratch yourself to death medicine.  I don't know whether to lie down and go to sleep or run around the block ten times!

Sunday's dinner welcomed most of our children, grandchildren, adopted parents, my mom and of course, yours truly and the dearest husband!  We are not a Norman Rockwell depiction of any holiday.  I like to refer to our gatherings as organized chaos.  It works for us and we have a great time. 

I purchased some cutout boys and girls to keep the grandchildren occupied...imagine my surprise and delight watching the grown up children design and color "people" with as much  joy as the young children.  It was a glorious day, not without a tear or two or a frustration or two...we prevailed with loving and thankful hearts.

I am still on a pay it forward/random acts of kindness mission...there is ALWAYS someone that needs an uplift!  I like living a life that is filled with compassion, joy and giving with a dose of complaint free days (I am working on my part of living in a "Complaint Free World")  I have a purple bracelet to remind me!

Peace and Love Ya'll!

P.S.  someone is going to New York City with a group of gal pals...she is just a little bit giddy about it!
start spreading the news...I want to be a part of it...New York New York


beth said...

oh no....years ago my husband got badly stung...same thing....a nest in the ground that he mowed over....big mistake.

i hope you are feeling better.....

T and R said...

"I don't know whether to lie down and go to sleep or run around the block ten times!". I'm sorry but this literally made me laugh out loud. Hope that you're feeling better...and I'm only slightly jealous of your NY trip. Have fun!

thedailydish said...

A lovely reminder (as always) to keep it real - especially in this season of commercialism - I mean, SACREDNESS. Connie, I love how grounded you are and remain when all around you swirls chaos. Your family is so blessed to have you, as are your friends. Like me! Thank YOU for being the amazing soul you are. And have a BLAST in NYC!!! XO

Yolanda said...

I think I need this reminder too.I know the world would be a better place if we weren't so complaining

Mamma has spoken said...

New York City? I'm headed there end of June with the family. Not as excited as you though, except I am looking forward to my son's wedding :o/

Gracieanne1 said...

Sorry for the stings, running around the block would surely take your mind off of it for the moment.

Paper dolls are so cute, I think I'd grab some colorful marking pens and color, too.

NYC has Radio City Music Hall's annual Holiday show w/ the famous Rockettes, and Wintuk -Cirque Du Soleil now thru Jan 1.

Christina said...

what a wonderful reminder. i love this message.

oh, do feel better, soon.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Yellow jackets are nasty! I am so sorry they came after you. I hope you are on the mend soon and off the medications.

NYC is a GREAT place this time of year. It's so beautiful and lit up!!! Enjoy.

Safe travels, jj