Thursday, June 24, 2010


Are you pining away for an exotic vacation, an exciting life, playing the WHEN _______ happens THEN I can _______.  My friend Jayne and I always have the very best conversations during dinner.  Jayne is so very well read, remembers everything and has taught psychology at the college level for a very long time.  We have delicious conversations and the food isn't bad either!  She recently joked (maybe) that she should start a WHEN/THEN support group.  Are you guilty of when/then thinking?  I certainly am.  She reminded me and several others that if you do not follow up on your dream you may see, for example, your idea for a book written by someone else.  I think she would have a LOT of takers on the when/then group.  It was a poignant reminder that each moment is significant...that once it is lost.  Do we/I really want to spend those precious moments in time playing the WHEN/THEN game? 

Two of the granddarlings recently spent the entire weekend with me...apart from a beautiful shiner and pure exhaustion...we had a lot of fun!  They remind me of those precious moments in time when a sprinkler system and a puddle of water rivals any grand resort...when the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Children live in the moment.  Absolutely no WHEN/THEN thinking for them.  How about you? 

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Mamma has spoken said...

When I win the lottery, then I will quit work. Yea, not one I can follow up on any time soon....