Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Chemistry of Color

" I have always tried to paint the way poets write their best poems with feeling, imagination and some semblance of the shape shifting truth" Edward Hughes

Tar Beach (quilt) Artist:  Faith Ringgold..."Any one can Fly...all you need is somewhere to go that you can't get to any other way...the next thing you know you're flying among the stars.

I took myself on an Artist's Date (The Artist's Way) rather unintentionally.  I realized that The Chemistry of Color exhibit would be leaving our town after Mother's Day and I really did not want to miss it.  Some of the paintings took my breath away, gave me goose bumps and reduced me to tears...the raw emotion in the art was that poignant!  If this exhibit comes to your city or town or nearby, I highly recommend putting it on your list of things to see.  You can read a review of the exhibit here  This is an exhibit of African American artists with many of the artists not relishing that title.  Most prefer their art to stand on its for art's sake without the separating nomenclature.  The exhibit included paintings, drawings, photography, quilts, sculpture and mixed media.  My cell phone was burning a hole in my pocket as I longed to take photos of my favorites, however it can be damaging to the art and the museum police were there to make sure I was tempted even less. 

As a frustrated artist (or wannabe) I appreciate the work, talent and soul that goes into each piece of art. It takes a great deal of courage to "put yourself out there"  I had an opportunity to submit art for possible publication in two different books...this is what I learned...I am not good with deadlines...that the FEAR of rejection paralyzed every creative bone in my body (or either I was entirely too critical) and THAT FEAR manifested itself in the form of ill health.  Oh yes, everything is connected.  A couple of quotes by some of the artists really stayed with me, their stories and their vision inspired me.  "Time is not important as an artist, you should just let it unfold"  this was an Eastern proverb (?) quoted as a favorite by Earl B. Lewis. 

One of my favorite singers, songwriters, mentors, (she wears many hats) Christine Kane, says basically that you just have to show up.    If you are lacking courage, Christine has an excellent e-zine/blog post:  52 Ways to Build Your Courage that can be found here.  So what would you create if you knew you would not fail?

"My art is about what I make as opposed to what I think about what I should make"  Raymond Saunders


Hayden Tompkins said...

I always find it fascinating how many artists and poets, writers are discovered after they die. So many, too, are fearful or simply uninterested in sharing their work with others.

I guess 'selfish art' is art unencumbered?

Connie said...

Hayden, you make an excellent point about unencumbered art!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the exhibit Connie.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the exhibit Connie.


Christina said...

what an honest and beautiful post. i am hoping you feel better. oh, for the love of art... ; )
i send you love and blessings.

Erin Wallace said...

I'd love to see your art. If you were invited to be published, I'm sure it is wonderful, even if you are afraid that it is not. Fear of failure and rejection is such an easy trap; I fall into it myself. But I'd love to see your art!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I truly appreciate comments - they make my day!

xo - Erin

Zuzana said...

Beautifully expressed thoughts about art and artist. I know the sentiments exactly.
Your writing has a carefree style, but is full of substance; I truly enjoyed my stay here.;)
Thank you for your visit and a very lovely comment.;)

Putz said...

fear of rejection>>>i am an attention blog and the very worst thing for me would be rejection

Connie said...

Hey friend...I bestowed upon you an award! If you would like to take part then come on over and pick it up! :)