Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Joyful Heart Maketh for much Laughter!

It finally occured to me just exactly why the shampoo bottle is so much larger than the bottle of conditioner!  According to the shampoo instructions you are to lather, rinse, repeat...I know this, I just choose not to do it.  With the laundry list of stuff I can't pronounce I am reluctant to use more than I think I need.  It was one of those AHA then WELL DUH moments!  It is always good when we can laugh at ourselves.

Speaking of laughter...I recently saw this photo and quote from an awesome, inspiring woman...

I have to say I agree wholeheartedly!  I laugh often and sometimes inappropriately...if I am upset or nervous I may laugh as an alternative to something worse...please do not think me insensitive.  It has always been much to my dismay that I do not have a "girly" or sweet, I am loud and boisterous in my laughter and speech.  People have approached me and said, "I knew it was you...I heard your laugh"  (blush, blush)  They tell me it is a compliment.

Last month, I went on a most fabulous "girl's retreat and as you can guess there was much laughter.  We laughed so much our muscles sure did feel good.  We had a session of Laughter Yoga...again it really works your muscles and gets oxygen into your lungs!  I am pretty sure if you watch the video below you may actually start laughing!  The body and brain apparently do not know the difference between "real" and forced laughter.  Perhaps a little laughter can turn your day around...I needed some and now I am smiling again.

In a world where there is too much ugliness I prefer to find the humor in any given situation.  Obviously everything cannot be cured by laughter...hugs and kindness help as well.  My true core personality is that of a pessimist, negative thinker...I make a conscientious effort to be positive, to look for the good and to laugh often.  When I cannot or will not do it for myself...I surround myself with my tribe of beautiful, lovely spirited friends. 

Laughter truly is the best medicine.  Go have a laugh, it's on me...won't cost a you anything (well, except maybe a little dignity, which is overrated anyway)