Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free Spirited, She Is!

My granddarling Anna will soon be six.  She burst into this world in quite the hurry and has not slowed down since her arrival!  She started kindergarten this year.  My biggest hope is that the system will not steal all her joy, independence and free spirit.  "They" want her to conform...she has a hard time with it.
To say she has her own sense of fashion is an understatement.  My daughter prefers not to battle over clothing, hair and shoes.  As long as she is covered and it is not a safety issue so be it.  The assistant in her classroom asked Anna if her Mother looked at her in the mornings...apparently Anna's choice of shoes did not suit her...she wore her jazz boots...leather bottom, leather tops, neutral color, very comfy not distracting to anyone except the assistant.  Yeah, several of us were ready to string her up.

Anna dances through life...she is on a competition dance team with her first performance in February.  She flew through my kitchen after dance dragging a pink suitcase on wheels.  I told her I loved her pink suitcase and she assures me that it is HOT pink.  She proceeded to do her dance routine on the breakfast bar. 

Give the child some paper and something to write with...she is busy for hours, really!  When this little girl has had enough of the world around her...she takes herself to bed and snuggles in with a stack of books.

Her Mimi (great grandma and my mom) gave her money for Christmas.  Anna decided it was time to re-do what she calls "her" bathroom.  Pink and purple polka dotted shower curtain, pink rug, toothbrush holder, cup and towel set...with a huge Justin Bieber poster (a gift from her brother).  What five year old does this? 

I LOVE this girl.  I love her spirit.  I love being reminded to dance through be creative and to take yourself to bed with good books when the world is too much.  Most of us knew what made us feel good and how to just BE before we let life take over.  Yes...there are jobs, families, myriad the midst of all of "that" let us not forget to just Be, to explore, to enjoy.  I have a feeling 2012 is going to be an Amazing about you, what do you think?