Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Fall Ya'll

What I love about Autumn...

*Nature adorns herself in a splendid array of colors* a cool crispness is in the morning air and night draws near earlier and earlier*soup and homemade bread*pumpkins*root vegetables*Halloween*Mums in a riot of color displayed on the stoop*crispy, crunchy leaves underfoot*boyfriend sweaters or cardigans*crazy socks and danskos*scarves*jumping onto cold sheets and cuddling*reading by lamplight*maybe a fire or two*firepits*toasted marshmallows*ghost stories*birds migrating*quilts*knitting*hayrides*country drives*

The night sky is so clear and lovely.  I pointed out the beautiful moon to my granddarling Anna and she says,
"that isn't the moon that's LUNA!  Of course I thought she was too cute and the most clever of little girls.  Sweet Anna looks very much like her mom and aunt in the photo above. She is excited to be visiting a pumpkin patch soon and I wax nostalgic because it is the same one we always visited when "my girls" were small.

Autumn is a very reflective time for me, a day dreamy, wistful, wishing time.  I think of Oktoberfest in Germany and how I would love to visit my relatives in the tiny village of my birth. 

I have been thinking of the song with the words "Would you rather swing on star, carry moonbeams home in jar..."  Here's a little doodle drawn while at my desk being totally non productive (thank goodness I am really sorta my own boss)  I am ready for a weekend of "piddling"  and homecaring and cooking.

So I wish for you a weekend of "piddling, dreaming and wishing"  Maybe you will swing on a star or find some moonbeams!  Happy Fall Ya'll

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog Book Tour!

Patti Digh, Author Extraordinaire!

What if you only had 37 days left to live on this Earth...what would you do...where would you go...who would you see?  I first became aware of Patti's work on her blog 37 Days.  She urges everyone to fully experience life in the present moment.  Rent the RED convertible! Burn those Jeans!  Unpack your Boxes!  Love unlovable People!  Her essays were compiled to become a book which I absolutely adore and use regularly called  "Life is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally"

Patti's regular posts on Facebook are funny, wise and inspiring.  She mentioned at one time that she was holed up in a hotel room writing a book on post it notes.  Regular fans gave a little chuckle.  "Four Word Self Help" was the book born out of that effort.  As she says, "life is complex, not complicated"  The simple four word missives speak directly to the heart and are illustrated by artists from around the world. Patti extends an open invitation to artists everywhere to contribute their art for possible use in her books. Also, here is where I come in...copies of her newest book were sent out to bloggers for a Blog Book Tour.  How cool is that!!  She truly embraces creating your own tribe.  How often do we experience someone that truly "walks the talk"? 

Did I mention the huge laugh the UPS guy received when he handed me the package containing my precious copy of Four Word Self Help ?  I was a teeny bit excited!  I held it for a moment, looked at the beautiful art, read a little...put it down...picked it a little more.  It is a beautiful testament to life, to all that is simple and good. Patti's gift for telling her story and our story shines throughout the pages of this gem.  It will be my go to gift for birthdays and other special events.


a few favorites:

catch someone who's  falling
write more love letters
leave some things undone
give up itchy clothes
stand up for something
blow bubbles more often

Here is an excerpt that really spoke to me:

"Life is incremental.  Each day's decisions add to the decisions of the day before; each action taken adds to the events of the days past.  As writer Oscar Wilde has said, 'No man is rich enough to buy back his past'.  No, maybe not. But we can create a different future-one simple, beautifully mundane, daily decision at a time"

More information about Patti Digh can be found here
Her newest book, "Creative is a Verb, If You're Alive, You're Creative" is available at and will be available at local bookstores by November 2010.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Gift of Jewels, Gift of Friends Part II

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am participating in the Gift of Jewels hosted by the ever lovely Se'Lah of Necessary Room.  I was and am delighted with these absolutely beautiful cards from Joanna at The Fifty Factor.  To quote Joanna's note to me, "The blog community is filled with extraordinary people from around the world"  One can catch a glimpse of the fascinating lives of wonderful people throughout the world. Though thousands of miles separate us physically... our hearts and minds are connected!  We enter various blogs as strangers and leave as friends.  I think that is pretty cool.  Sometimes my cyber buddies "get me" better than anyone else...interesting...huh!  These cards are so will be difficult to part with them...a heartfelt thank you Joanna!

My Gift of Jewels is heading out of the United States and traveling North!  I will post pictures once my new friend receives her jewel. 

The Blog-o-sphere is a place of learning, a place of gladness, sadness and mostly it is Community.  A magical place where a person can locate her "tribe".  Namaste dear ones.