Friday, September 3, 2010

Gift of Jewels, Gift of Friends Part II

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am participating in the Gift of Jewels hosted by the ever lovely Se'Lah of Necessary Room.  I was and am delighted with these absolutely beautiful cards from Joanna at The Fifty Factor.  To quote Joanna's note to me, "The blog community is filled with extraordinary people from around the world"  One can catch a glimpse of the fascinating lives of wonderful people throughout the world. Though thousands of miles separate us physically... our hearts and minds are connected!  We enter various blogs as strangers and leave as friends.  I think that is pretty cool.  Sometimes my cyber buddies "get me" better than anyone else...interesting...huh!  These cards are so will be difficult to part with them...a heartfelt thank you Joanna!

My Gift of Jewels is heading out of the United States and traveling North!  I will post pictures once my new friend receives her jewel. 

The Blog-o-sphere is a place of learning, a place of gladness, sadness and mostly it is Community.  A magical place where a person can locate her "tribe".  Namaste dear ones.


Se'lah said...


w.o.w.!!!! these are beautiful jewels. It's so lovely to see people connect so wonderfully.

hugs. one love.

christina said...

the jewels are beautiful. filled with words of love.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Connie, This makes me so happy. I'm glad you liked your "jewels" and hope they bring you happiness.
Looking forward to becoming better blog friends.
Cheers, jj

mamahasspoken said...

Awesome jewels! I love that you have found another friend and I am so thankful that you gave me MY jewels last time! A big cyper hug to you and Se'lah!

Connie said...

Wow..gorgeous! :)

Tracey said...


Anonymous said...

Namaste. Imagine me making the gesture that goes with this as you read the word.

Elizabeth said...

You got some great jewels Connie. It is a great way to connect to someone you don't know.

Enjoy your gift.